Casa Valle Dorado #234


  • Building Icon House
  • Area Icon 64 m2
  • Room Icon 3
  • Baths Icon 1.5
  • Garage Icon Yes
  • Number Icon MLV #44154
$57,000 USD

House in Valle Dorado, located in Valle del Manzano street, in front of a primary school so it has potential for a business such as stationery, aesthetics, cafeteria. Behind the house there is a large park, another advantage is that you have no neighbors. With large parking space in the front.
HOUSE OF 2 levels, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, space for living room.
EYE ** the kitchen will be changed for a new one **
It is completely detailed and painted. It has a large patio with a guava tree and rotisserie, the area of ??independent washing and roofing.
*** has GRAVAMEN with fovissste ***


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