Casa Ambos Mundos


  • Building Icon House
  • Area Icon 113 m2
  • Room Icon 2
  • Baths Icon 2
  • Garage Icon No
  • Number Icon MLV #44407
$185,000 USD

Located just 2 blocks from Hidalgo Park, 4 blocks from the malecon, and 4 blocks from the beach (Playa Camarones), you will find this cute 4-story home.

On the ground floor, you will find a dining area and kitchen. One floor below ground floor is a guest bedroom and bathroom. One floor above ground floor is the living room, with terraces on both sides. Two floors up from ground level is the master bedroom and bathroom. That level has two terraces as well (great airflow!), with a beautiful view of the the city and the Bay.

This is a really charming home in a convenient area of town, and it features an impressive view - without having to climb a large hill!


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