El Divino Ii

Lázaro Cárdenas 90, Bucerias, Nayarit, 63732, Bucerias, Bucerias

  • Building Icon Condominium
  • Area Icon 78 m2
  • Room Icon 1
  • Baths Icon 2
  • Garage Icon No
  • Number Icon MLV #44436
$217,488 USD

Contemporary design and architecture immerse in the depths of our traditions and great Mexican cultural heritage, creating a unique concept of MEXICAN LIFESTYLE. Mexican beaches and their beautiful oceans are the main inspiration in the architectural design of EL DIVINO II. The movement of the waves form the exterior facades of the terraces. The nature that surrounds the Mexican coast invites us to immerse ourselves in a microcosm of hanging gardens, where the rusticity of materials and textures make us blend in this beautiful paradise.

Mesón del Coco is a contemporary-folk design studio which aim to rescue the great heritage of artisanal techniques from our beautiful Mexico. Their pieces are exhibited in different hotels in Valle de Bravo, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Careyes and Guadalajara as in the presidential suites of the Hyatt Regency Andares Hotel. The interior design project for EL DIVINO II is a concept born under the Creative Direction of Mesón del Coco. Local design is fused through a global vision to proyect a unique proposal which takes inspiration in the richness of mexican culture. Mexican surrealism is a vast world, its geniality opens a big door for mexican creativity. Painters, poets, artisans, musicians and artists in general take this movement as part of their creations in an almost mystical way. As Bretón, father of the surrealism once said: “México is the most surreal country of the world”.

• Multicultural Lifestyle.

• 8 Lofts.

• 6 Condos.

• Sky Pool bar.

• El Divino Boutique.

• Mexican Lifestyle.

• Gastronomical and artistical experience.


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